Garner Parks

Reichardt Park

  • Location: Northeast part of town on E 2nd St., next to the Wildridge Estates.
  • Facilities: Basketball court, two playground sets (one Tot's Choice, one Kid's Choice), swings, a covered picnic table, and one small sandlot type baseball field.
  • The park was re-vamped in August 2015 with two new playground sets, wood chips, and swing sets.


Pool Park - Built in 2018

  • Location: South West part of town, next to the Garner Aquatic Center.
  • Facilities: 2 tennis courts, basketball court with two hoops, two sand volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, picnic tables, and a playground area featuring a playground set, swings, and bouncers.


Tourist Park - Renovated in 2023

  • Location: Center of town-- Intersection of W 11th St. and Front St.
  • Facilities: Shelter House with water, electricity, two bathrooms, a kitchenette area, fridge, an open room for 10 tables and 80 chairs, and an outdoor open shelter with four picnic tables. The park also features a basketball court with two hoops and a playground area including a playground set, swings, climbing jax, and a ten spin!
  • Reservations are taken April 15 – October 31 for the shelter house beginning November 1 the year ahead; contact the Garner Parks and Recreation Department at (641) 923-4180 or stop by the VMRC to reserve.
  • Fee: $45 for half day or $90 for a full day.


Cardinal Park

  • Location: Neighborhood park in Hejlik subdivision, located at the corner of Cardinal St. and State St. 
  • Facilities: Parking area, picnic tables, basketball court with one hoop, and playground area with playground set, tall slide, climbing apparatus, and swings. 


Central Park

  • Location: On State St.
  • Facilities: Basketball court with 2 hoops, central gathering area, and picnic tables.
  • Hosts movies and concerts in the park as well as Duesey Days, Monday Fun Days events and more.


Ollenburg Park

  • Location: Grove Ave and West 4th Street
  • Facilities: Small playground area, swing set, and benches.
Contact:City Hall, 135 W. 5th St., Garner, Iowa 50438, (641) 923-2588