Yard Waste & Branch Disposal Options

YARD WASTE: Many Garner citizens have taken advantage of the yard waste dump located at 2194 Sioux Ave, just South of town. This dump is available to Garner citizens for grass clippings, flower bed and garden debris. Only items that will compost should be put into the dump in paper bags or loose, NO plastic bags.

BRANCHES: Branches can be taken to the city dump which is located south of Garner at 2194 Sioux Ave.  Also on the last Friday of each month, April through October, the City will pick up branches placed along your curb, please place branches parallel with the curb for easy pick up with a bucket. THE COMPOST DUMP CURRENTLY OPEN.

 If you have any questions about these services offered by the City, please call City Hall @ 641-923-2588 or email, deputyclerk@garneriowa.org.
Contact:City Hall, 135 W. 5th St., Garner, Iowa 50438, (641) 923-2588 admin@garneriowa.org