4-on-4 Men's Basketball League

  • Begins January 4th, 2022
  • Registration Deadline is Monday Dec 26th,2022
  • League fee: $100 (includes single elimination tournament)
  • Night of play: Wednesday
  • Start date: Wednesday, January 4th and will continue through March.
  • This league is for men (18+) and is un-officiated.
  • Teams are responsible for calling their own fouls, travels, etc.
  • Games are played at the VMRC. 
  • Game times vary depending on number of teams. 
  • Trash talking, taunting, name-calling, and profanity will NOT be tolerated.  We are a family facility, and you are grown, men.  No warnings will be issued.  Violation of this rule will result in the immediate removal of the player and/or team from the premises, and the league indefinitely. 

Contact:City Hall, 135 W. 5th St., Garner, Iowa 50438, (641) 923-2588 admin@garneriowa.org